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Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, ready or not, here we go! One of the main goals of THIINKFit is that it can improve OAA scores. Reading OAA's today, math on Thursday! I'm a bit nervous. We didn't have a great work out this morning (Some students were more into it than the others). But thinking back, anytime I had a bad practice before I big game, I always played well. I'm so proud of these guys and gals! We will continue with THIINKFit until the end of the school year :)! Our team name this year is CRUSH. I brought a 2 liter of CRUSH soda in and had them rub the bottle for heading out the door today. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sign Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!

Sunday, March 28, 2010



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updated Numbers on THIINKFit Project


Attendance 1st 9WKS Attendance 2nd 9WKS
Non-Participating 48.5/920 63.5/780

THIINKFit Participating 34/920 37/780

Reading OAT practice Reading OAT practice Difference
test September test January

Non-participating Avg. 21.2% Avg. 21.2% +/- 0

THIINKFit Participating Avg. 19.38% Avg. 21.56% + 2.18%

Math OAT practice Math OAT practice
Students Avg. 14.8% Avg. 17.7% +2.9%

THIINKFit Participating
Students Avg. 14.39% Avg. 16.8% +2.4%

*Of the 20 students in my THIINKFit project, 9 of them are special ed. Three students' test scores are not recorded because they take an alternate assessment. My SE students are at a second grade/third grade level. There are no gifted students on my THIINKFit team. The remaining students are regular ed.

*Of the 20 student in the NON-PARTICIPATING group, 4 of the students are special education. These four students are on a fourth grade/low fifth grade level. There are 4 gifted students in the NON-PARTICIPATING group. Of the remaining students left, they are considered regular ed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AR_Month 10_THIINKFit!

First of all - MONTH 10!
Now that I've gotten that out of my system, LET'S MOVE on.

The THIINKFit Project- Amy Barnabi

On the second day of graduate school I was thinking about my "thesis" project. I contacted Dr. Wyly and asked her about a project that I was thinking about. That project was the THIINKFit Project. I explained to her, that as a runner, I was overwhelmed at the inactivity among kids today. When I was a kid we played from sun up, until sun down, and that some of my favorite memories of my life, took place then, during those hot days of summer vacation. If I knew how running made

1. Data: I had a great conversation with Dr. Bedard yesterday about my A.R. research. It was one of those "forest through the trees," type of thing. The hardest thing about this project has been staying on task and staying grounded. On the other hand, I kind of get psyched about the fact that I've found it difficult to actually find the evidence needed to finalize my Action Research. One of the questions Dr. Ludgate asks for us to reflect on this month is, "Is any of your work truly innovative?" (A sheepish grin comes across my face) There's not a lot of research in the area I'm truly wanting to find the answers to: Does exercising before school with technology increase attendance, GPA scores, Ohio Achievement scores, and self-esteem? And does it combat childhood obesity AT THE SAME TIME - allowing children to be active before school with the number one gaming system in the world?

Let me get this right, and see if you are following me on this - Two problems, one stone. The THIINKFit Project gets kids up, out, and active first thing in the morning, over time, allowing them to fight childhood obesity (and increase their flexibility and strength), as well as, exercising their minds (and my studies have shown), and preparing them for more success in the classroom? Hmmmmm....This is what I know. My sixth grade students have been using the THIINKFit project, combining Wii Fit Plus aerobic exercise, strength training, and yoga, with an early morning routine supervised by yours truly.

I'm very excited about Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign, I feel selfish in saying that Mrs. Obama's push to fight childhood obesity couldn't happen a better time. Her goal is to reverse the numbers of childhood obesity by 2015. 30% of our school-age children are considered overweight. Of those 30%, 13% are obese. (See statistics for childhood obesity a MedTv

"Everybody has been wringing their hands for a decade about what a big problem this is, but having the first lady involved could really make a difference," says Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy for the Center for Science in the Public Interest. "The first lady not only brings the weight of the White House, but she also understands this issue as a parent." (Hellmich, 2010)

My push for my THIINKFit project will not be an easy one (see above mentioned, forest through the trees), but it will be a worthy one. What started out as a pipe dream has become a possible dream come true. Three years ago I envisioned a way to help kids get more active. I believe that the THIINKFit project can be the answer to successfully allowing for students to be more active.

LMO & Action Research
The Learning Management System I am currently working on will hopefully propel my project to a step closer in getting picked up for a grant. My hope is to develop a training module for further developing the use of the THIINKFit Project in other school buildings. The more I am able to experience the use of the THIINKFit Project in various settings, the more I see the overwhelming need for it. What continues to make this project unique is the ease in which children see participating with the Wii system. They are exercising and having fun first thing in the morning.

Friday, March 5, 2010

THIINKFit March 5th, 2010

I worked out with the preschoolers yesterday in the gym during my prep period - all 60 + of them! Special thanks to Avy and team for allowing me this unique opportunity. What an amazing site!!

Attended a grant writing seminar this morning at the Dennison Depot - WOW! Thanks to Wendy Zuchal for an excellent push on where to go next with this project!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

THIINKFit - Month 9 NUMBERS! Cycle 1 & 2

I've been using the mixed method approach while gathering data for the THIINKFit project. Data is very valuable to the success of my program. Unless you are in our gym in the mornings at Claymont Intermediate, you truly cannot experience the impact of what this is doing. For those of you who are oblivious to what this is, my students are using the Wii & Wii Fit system to exercise M-F, 7:15-7:40 AM. It has proven successful in the following areas: 1. An increase in attendance, 2. Increased GPA jump from the first nine weeks to the second nine weeks, 3. Significant increase in practice OAT testing scores (Ohio State Achievement practice tests given in Sept. and Jan.). We test just math and reading, 4. And in behavior. I am comparing my testing group (my homeroom students who are participating in this project) vs. a non-testing group (the rest of the sixth grade in our building). Please note that Claymont Intermediate is at a 60% free/reduced lunch percentage. We are located in an Appalachian area, which includes a low-social economic status within the state of Ohio.

I spend 20-25 minutes with my students exercising in the morning. I've connected with them in ways I wouldn't have until later on in the year in passed years. They are also have grown close as a class, and I don't encourage, but it happens, positive feedback among peers ("Glad you are here today," "Way to go!," "You got a new record!"). I've been able to reach out, as well as students who are shy or laid back. I've been able to ask about grandma or listen to a story about a sleepover they had on a snow day. I'd like to think that I've always had a great rapore with my students, but this year is just, well, different. They easily motivate me. A few are always waiting in the morning to eagerly set up, and I never have a problem with THEM picking up after themselves prior to going up to our homeroom to start our morning. If you know me (or you don't know me), I'm true to heart; what you see is what you get. And what you get with this program is a way to fight childhood obesity & increase test scores. If anyone knows Mrs. Obama, tell her if she wants to know how to fight childhood obesity, join us one morning at 7:15am at Claymont Intermediate. We will be there!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Name change

It is official. I have changed the name of the Wii Fit Project™, to THIINKFit. I have obtained the domain name I will update you on additional changes as they come in.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cycle 2 Completed!

Second nine weeks grades went home on Friday.
The second series of OAT practice tests results are back!
Started Wii Fit Project with preschoolers on 1/21 (50+ 3,4,5 year olds working out with the Wii Fit!)
Second grant check came in - Starting Eastport project in two weeks (third grade)!

Care to know more?