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Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009

Building is getting hit by various germs. I was out today. We have been using the NEW Wii Fit PLUS and kids love it! I've taken lots of pics and videos this week of kids using the program. They continue to amaze me on how simple this program is and how much they truly love being up and active in the morning prior to starting our days. I know it throws me off when we can't be in the gym (example picture day).

The kids who are actively participating are showing a difference in the classroom and out of the classroom. I still wish I could spent at least 10 more minutes in the gym in the morning. At CIS, we give kids breakfast in the morning, so they need time to eat and get organized before the day officially starts at 7:50AM. We are in the gym right now from 7:15-7:35. The kids always hate leaving. One thing we always do before dismissing to classes is we huddle up and discuss how to focus and approach the day. This is my favorite time! I miss coaching and these guys and gals are my TEAM and then some this year! I feel personally connected to each and every one of my kids.

One guy is still on the sidelines and not participating. Mom and dad are not sure about using video games in the classroom to teach. I will meet with them during conferences in a few weeks and hope to convince them otherwise. He paces back and fourth in the back while we are doing the Fit Project. He doesn't have to come into the gym, and is allowed to sit with the others in the cafeteria, but chooses to join us each morning. I'll keep you updated!