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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updated Numbers on THIINKFit Project


Attendance 1st 9WKS Attendance 2nd 9WKS
Non-Participating 48.5/920 63.5/780

THIINKFit Participating 34/920 37/780

Reading OAT practice Reading OAT practice Difference
test September test January

Non-participating Avg. 21.2% Avg. 21.2% +/- 0

THIINKFit Participating Avg. 19.38% Avg. 21.56% + 2.18%

Math OAT practice Math OAT practice
Students Avg. 14.8% Avg. 17.7% +2.9%

THIINKFit Participating
Students Avg. 14.39% Avg. 16.8% +2.4%

*Of the 20 students in my THIINKFit project, 9 of them are special ed. Three students' test scores are not recorded because they take an alternate assessment. My SE students are at a second grade/third grade level. There are no gifted students on my THIINKFit team. The remaining students are regular ed.

*Of the 20 student in the NON-PARTICIPATING group, 4 of the students are special education. These four students are on a fourth grade/low fifth grade level. There are 4 gifted students in the NON-PARTICIPATING group. Of the remaining students left, they are considered regular ed.

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