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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WII In Use

Christmas at CIS & the Wii Fit Project

Lots of amazing things have happened since this dream became a reality in June 2009. The Wii Fit Project is up and running at Claymont Intermediate, in Dennison, OH, and as of early December, we've just received funding for a NEW grant (Ohio Action for Healthy Kids - Thank you!) that will place the Wii project in a third grade elementary class at Eastport in January (thank you Derek!).

This project will also take another step forward in January, as it will be used by the Pre-K classes at Claymont on Thursday mornings (during my prep period). Thank you Avy and staff! *In November, took the Wii Fit to Immaculate Conception (pre-k, second, seventh grades), and it was a HUGE hit!!

From a personal stand point I cannot be any more pleased than I am with the results of the first cycle and 1/2 of this research project. The more I read about gaming in education/exercise and how it correlates nothing but positive results, the more I get excited about expanding this.

On the last day of school for this year, the students played the teachers in dodge ball (kids brought in x amount of canned goods for under the Christmas tree, they got to play). The only part of my body that was sore the next day was my arms from throwing. I thought for sure I would get sore as the day went on.. I wasn't. Then it dawned on me. I exercise with the kids every morning using the Wii Fit Project. That's 15-20 minutes a day M-F. We stretch and do moderate cardiovascular exercises (still need ten more minutes in gym). If this is what it's doing for me - Imagine what it must be doing for the students? Wait, I know the answer to that one..

May God bless you in the New Year.
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