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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Students are BLOGGING!

My sixth grade students are BLOGGING! My homeroom kids will be blogging about The Wii Fit Project™, the others in my class will be blogging in social studies/language arts (this also includes homeroom students). They are required to blog twice a week. One question will be curriculum, the other will be a journal question. I have TOTAL control of what is published and the students have set rules. If they are not followed, they will booted from blogging for an entire nine week period. I will take grades on these blogs - students will also have the opportunity to correct any incorrect answers on their blog. I can send them private message and vice versa, or they can post it to their blog page that they design for all to see. Do you know how many kids I have blogging from home??? :) - See smile for answer.

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