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Friday, December 4, 2009

Month 7 Action Research


  1. Amy,
    What a fantastic way to blog. We live in a world of multi-media and you've responded in like manner. I love the picture you used. Your overall project is fantastic. What I like the most is the fact that others are interested and you are already setting it up in another school. I have not seen any curiosity in my school. They are mainly happy doing things the way they always have done things. I look forward to seeing your final numbers on how this project has improved not only being physically fit, but improving attitudes, and overall doing better in school. You have become a mover and shaker. Way to go. One question I have is have you posted any videos of this project in action? I"d love to see it.
    Mark B.

  2. One thing that I really love about your project, Amy, is that it uses technology to encourage students, and teachers, to participate in basically healthy activities. To us, it may seem obvious that we should exercise, and that exercise is good for the brain as well as the body. Unfortunately, schools do not always do a complete job of teaching and promoting health. Don't get me started on the horror called school lunch.

    There is a lot of research that I have seen about exercise helping to prevent, or at least slow, progression of Alzheimer's. As you know, this is of particular interest to me due to my mother's illness. I think this relates to your research too, because what is good for the brain when one is older should be good for the young, too.

    Here are a few sites that I found:
    Alzheimer’s Treatment and Prevention

    How Can Physical Exercise Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

    Keep up the awesome work, my friend. You are changing lives for the better. Your efforts will last for the rest of their lives!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I was posting to FSO and hit post when the clock struck 10:00 (midnight eastern). Sorry I didn't get this critique on FSO.

    I loved the xtranormal video. I also love your picture. It was fun getting your statistics from the video. You are doing a great job Amy. To tell the truth, though, I already knew the results before you started from experience. I am a much happier person, I can concentrate better, sit still longer from running. Wii fit for a elementary students is like running to me.

    I bet you are having so much fun with the wii fit and I bet you are teacher of the year at your school.

    Way to go Amy.
    Liz Dalton

  4. What a great variation! The project is such a success I can't wait to hear if you received the grant.